Private Investigations

When choosing an Investigation firm to handle your needs, you must ask yourself “Is this company experienced, confidential, reputable and properly licensed?  Do they have MY needs in mind, and will they present a non-biased approach to my investigation that will have legal credibility?”  At Northeastern, we can guide you through the entire investigation process.  We don’t just provide simple services…we make certain our clients get the advice and solutions they deserve.

Northeastern is an Atlantic Canada based corporation that handles enquiries locally, nationally and internationally.  Since 1983 our foundation has been built on our Investigation division and continues to rely on this aspect of the business to provide a solid base for future growth and development.

Our clients choose Northeastern based on our experience, reliability, leadership and commitment. Knowing that reputation is a key characteristic that is sought by those in the corporate, insurance and legal industries, we conduct our investigations with the proper integrity and confidentiality.

Some of the many investigative services we offer are:

General Investigations Corporate Services Surveillance
  • Intellectual Property & Asset Investigations
  • Interviews & Statement Taking
  • Criminal & Civil Investigations
  • Interviews & Statement Taking
  • Background Investigations
  • Execution of Anton Pillar Orders and Mareva Injunctions
  • Missing Persons
  • Asset Location
  • Labour Issues
  • Trademark infringement
  • Security Audits and Surveys
  • Pre-Employment Screening
  • Loss Prevention
  • Activity Checks
  • Insurance Claim Investigation

At Northeastern we adhere to legislation as well as regulations pertaining to private investigators in all matters.  Privacy regulations have evolved in our country and have been in a state of change for several years at federal and provincial levels.  We have maintained a high level of currency in these areas, to protect the information your are receiving.   Our managers have taken a leadership role in the Council of Private Investigators – Atlantic Canada for many years.

You may use our form on the contact page to request a confidential estimate at your discretion, or you may contact us at 902-435-1336 to speak with one of our confidential Investigation Managers about our services.