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What is VisioNguard™?

Northeastern has developed an industry-leading product called VisioNguard™. We have worked with industry leaders to develop technology that can replace or supplement traditional on-site security guard service by having a remote central operator provide the same service levels for multiple sites at the same time. This reduces your cost and provides a level of enhanced services. While we recognize that VisioNguard™ can offer significant savings to many clients, we also recognize there are some situations where a traditional on-site guard is needed. Therefore VisionGuard™ can either be implemented by itself, or in combination with on-site guard services…whatever works best for you!


How Does VisioNguard™ work?

Northeastern will install state-of-the-art video capturing equipment, a two-way intercom system, and access control hardware at your facility1. Our remote VisioNguard™ will have the ability to access video at the designated sites, verify identification, unlock doors, and provide two-way audio to communicate with the facility manager, clients, employees, guests and coordinate emergency responders as needed. When controlling access to your property, our remote monitoring staff will follow your unique security plan as part of their script, so you are always in control.


What are the costs involved?  Is it worth the investment?

There is a one-time installation fee for the hardware, and a recurring monthly fee for the VisioNguard™ monitoring service.  These fees add up to MUCH LESS than a traditional guard service.  We can also finance the hardware installation for a low monthly fee; this will free up your capital expenditure and make it easier for many managers to obtain spending approvals.  Another bonus is that once the system is paid for, you have a state-of-the-art asset on your balance sheet.  Did we also mention that the hardware we install is non-proprietary?  That means you are not “stuck” with one particular service provider; and parts are easily sourced and readily available in an emergency.  Financially there is really NO downside!


How will VisioNguard™ save me money?

Not only will VisioNguard™ be an effective security tool for many client facilities using (or considering using) traditional guard services, it also offers a significant ROI that will pay dividends for years to come! Based on an eight hour per day guard replacement (10:00pm to 6:00am as an example) at an initial one-time investment cost of approximately $25,000.00 (prices may vary) your savings over a three-year period would be $117,800.002 per site!  This pricing is an illustration and your actual savings could be higher (this number is based on a typical billing guard rate, monitoring fees, and estimated initial equipment investment of $25,000.00).


What other benefits does VisioNguard™ provide?

For facilities that do not currently have a CCTV camera system, you will receive many additional benefits.  Once the VisioNguard™ technology is installed, your on-site DVR will have recorded video which can be reviewed at a later date. Our monitoring centre employees can also do the reviewing for you! Recorded video has been proven to assist in situations such as slip-and-fall claims, for example, where video can be reviewed to verify the actual series of events. There are multiple situations unrelated to access control for which recorded video can be very useful to the client.

As well, the system may/can include access control door hardware. For clients that do not currently use this technology, this will allow you to replace traditional “keys” with proximity cards to gain access to the building. If the user ever loses a card, it can be easily deactivated and a new card issued at a fraction of the cost of traditional keys or re-keying a lock. If your facility currently uses access control that is compatible with the VisioNguard™ system, not only will it save you money on the installation cost, but Northeastern provides some of the MOST competitive prices for access control supplies on the market!


How can I determine if VisioNguard™ is the right fit for my company?

We’re glad you asked! Contact us today for a FREE no-obligation consultation!  We will meet personally with you and/or your team to discuss the advantages that VisioNguard™ will bring to the table, and how we can tailor the solution to your specific needs!  We can also provide references and examples of working solutions involving VisioNguard™ technology!


1 – Customer must provide a high-speed internet connection. The hardware that we install may vary depending on circumstances at your facility. The exact hardware requirements and associated costs will be determined after a site visit. Every effort will be made to use existing security hardware devices if they are compatible with the VisioNguard™ technology.

2 – The quoted cost-savings is based on several variables including cost of existing guard services, hours of coverage, and cost of installation. Your actual savings may vary.

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