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Uniformed SecurityAdams Photography_MG_5922

If you are preparing for a labour disruption, major event, or developing your company Security Plan, contact our  specialists for a free consultation. We have the experience you require to adequately protect your assets.

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Technical SecurityAdams Photography_MG_6169

Technical Security is the planned, systematic approach to protecting your physical assets through technology.

 Northeastern is a leader in creating complete enterprise-wide solutions that can be customized to exceed your needs.

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Mobile ResponseAdams Photography_MG_0060

Mobile Response services can be an excellent supplement to your existing guard services, or a cost-effective solution to securing your facility after hours.

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Identification Systems & SuppliesIMG_3976

An effective and proven process of access control is a well planned and well managed site-wide Identification System, or ID System.

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InvestigationsAdams Photography_MG_5759

When choosing an Investigation firm to handle your needs, you must ask yourself “Is this company experienced, confidential, reputable and properly licensed?  Do they have MY needs in mind, and will they present a non-biased approach to my investigation that will have legal credibility?”

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VisioNguard™ – Remote Video Monitoring Solution

VisioNguard™ is a unique offering from Northeastern which provides an alternative to traditional on-site uniformed guard service.  This technology allows the client to have Northeastern monitor their facilities with video verification services, intercom, and remote access control at a central monitoring facility that allows for full control while reducing the overall cost of your security program.  Find out more!

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