Northeastern presents education session at Bomex 2013

The Building Owners & Managers Association (BOMA) of Canada hosted their annual exhibition “BOMEX 2013” in Halifax, NS in October.  BOMA contacted Roger Miller, President of Northeastern Protection Service Inc., as a recognized regional expert in security and crime prevention, to present an education session at the conference.  Mr. Miller was honoured to speak to BOMA members on the following subject:

CCTV and Crime Prevention

“This presentation on CCTV Systems is not specific to any brand or manufacturer of products; it is intended to provide an understanding of CCTV systems and their ability to help you manage risks based on the current technology available.  It will provide an overview of current camera and recorder technology, environmental concerns, camera placement, system design as well as long term care and use of a commercial CCTV system. Analog versus digital, IP versus HD are common terms that will be clarified for anyone to understand from a non-technical perspective.”

Mr. Miller has over 25 years security management experience throughout Canada, he has articled for many publications, has been featured in national televised news media, and has presented security educational sessions at functions on a national level.