Northeastern Joins IASIR

Northeastern Protection Service Inc. is now the newest member of the International Association of Security and Investigative Regulators (IASIR)


IASIR bagan as a national organization based in the United States, which then expanded internationally in 2001.  The association goals as posted on their official website are:

• Enhancing applicant processing and records management

• Advocating for expedient background investigation and fingerprint processing

• Disseminating information on insurance/bonds

• Keeping abreast of and sharing information about new licensing technology

• Promoting effective state regulation and enforcement

• Assisting in education and training standards

• Eliminating unlicensed activity

• Developing harmony between law enforcement and the regulated industries

• Influencing federal legislation

• Formulating model laws and regulations

• Assisting states in developing and enforcing laws and regulations

• Encouraging reciprocity between states

• Providing training and education opportunities for state regulators